Terra is a collection about evoking a response of emotion for the audience. There is no true narrative to the pieces and all are inspired by a feeling of a place or moment that cannot be put in to words. The aim is for the audience to be able to make their own mind on what they see in the painting and create their own narrative.

Lost sold
90×90 – acrylic/gold leaf – 2018

MEIA NU £300
100 x 70 – acrylic/mixed media – 2019

All the pieces have a “soul mate” and are painted in pairs, the intention is not for them to be sold together but of them to be go on their own journey, and maybe one day find one another again

Sea of souls £700
70×90- acrylic/canvas – 2018

Aljezur sold
70×90 – acrylic/canvas 2018

Soulwaves £300
50×70 – acrylic/ gold leaf/mixed media – 2019


100×70 acrylic/mixed media-2021

Storm in a smoke cloud sold

90X90 – acrylic/ gold leaf/mixed media – 2018

Apaxionar sold

90×90 – acrylic/ gold leaf/mixed media – 2019

Meia sold

90×90 – acrylic/canvas – 2019

Blue sold

50×60 – acrylic/canvas – 2019

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