The art of imperfection

If everyone wore a beige jumpsuit, or even a black one, seamlessly ironed and perfectly put together, everyday the same outfit would you want one too? Would you dare to wear something different or would you follow the rest? As much as we hate to admit it we would probably wear it, even if we hated it… because we are conditioned to believe that we’re supposed to live in the same way as everyone else, act the same as everyone else and look the same. Especially with how social media has taken over our lives and economy over the past 15 year, now more than ever do we feel a desperation and need to fit in and conform, it’s a natural thing and part of our make up.

In today’s society we are more liberal and open that ever before, yet we are more anxious, depressed, stressed and unhappy than any other generation before us. Without a doubt this is increased by the huge pressure of what we see online everyday, people with perfect skin and perfect partners. Toned figures and beautiful families, seemingly wealthy and happy… and we are now all striving for this perfection, living a lie online so that people we don’t even know think we are “living our best life”. We look at this for sometimes hours a day wishing our lives were like the person in the photo.

Perfection is unobtainable, it’s impossible and if anyone tells you they’re lives are truly perfect then they’re lying. I believe that there is perfection in moments, and in our flaws. Those are the things that make us unique and beautiful, and this is something I always try to portray through my art work. The cracks and breaks in the paintings represent these “imperfections” in our lives, that actually make our lives beautiful and give us a story to tell. The gold reflects how our damaged bits made us that bit more special. Like the Japanese art of Kintsugi, in which they repair broken pottery by using gold lacquer, that creates the most stunning pieces. I use this as inspiration for my work and feel like it creates a more interesting view to look at and analyse.

I used to strive for perfection my work and myself, trying to be the ultimate version of what I thought I was and who I thought I should be, but once you stop trying and be yourself for all the good parts and the broken ones you will be ultimately happier, and a lot more interesting than a person who is trying to fit in with the crowd.. If we just let or golden breaks shine a little more we could all be the art of imperfection.

calmness in the chaos

Desenrascanço – The newest collection, and something very different to the last. Desenrascanço is a Portuguese word that means to untangle, more specifically to untangle from a situation using creative means to do so. I loved the concept of this so much and felt how it could relate to the meaning of the pieces.

With all of this negativity I found that the world seemed to have stopped, and within that I found a lot of calm. When we went in to our first lockdown like most, I was frightened and then I soon began to realise how quite everything went. The roads were empty of cars, the air felt cleaner and birds sang louder. I wasn’t having to rush to my plans and make sure I fit everything in and the places around me that I had taken for granted suddenly became more beautiful.

A few of my friends and I had discussed how everything just seemed prettier and happier, making it easy to forget that the world was actually in total disarray, the stock markets plummeted, 100’s if not thousands were dying everyday in the UK and the rest of the world but we couldn’t see it. We saw something different, and found ourselves in a position through isolation which didn’t tangle us up in the chaos. Like many people it has made me reflect on my life and myself and how easy it is to get caught up in our anxieties and worries without trying to find solutions or some kind of control within our own minds.

Within the paintings the lines create so much intensity but if you look beyond that there are so many undertones or tranquillity and calmness. The two opposing forces balance each other out to create one unified piece that works.

This collection is about looking beyond the despair, finding the calmness and untangling yourself from your own patterns of negativity, and practicing living in balance, because when you cannot control anything all you can control is yourself.