Luzinho nfs

50×60 – acrylic/mixed media – 2020


Desenrascanço is a Portuguese word that roughly translates to “untangling oneself from a situation by creating means to do so”. This collection is all about calmness in chaos and what you choose to see. Do you see the erratic lines or the calming undertones beneath?

50 x100 – acrylic/mixed media/canvas – 2020


Within the paintings the lines create so much intensity, but if you look beyond that there are so many undertones of tranquillity and calmness. The two opposing forces balance each other out, to create one unified piece that works.

Life is an oval
– 2x 50×60 – acrylic/mixed media/ canvas – 2021

Tinto de caos sold– 50x 60 Mixed media/ acrylic/canvas – 2020

80×80 acrylic/mixed media / canvas – 2020

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