Author: artofgbaltazar

  • The uneducated artist

    “Where did you study?… A question I get asked a lot as an artist, and when responding with “I didn’t”, it’s often met with disapproving ah ok’s or oh right wow’s, through compelled smiles, quickly followed by tips on my painting technique and methods. Obviously, it isn’t every person I come across, but one thing…

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  • D A R K S P A C E S

    Dark space is the my newest collection of works, I have worked on this over the last few months without knowing I was creating it. Dark spaces is my most raw set of paintings I have done. The purpose of these works was to express the emotions of battling with oneself and the journey to…

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    I’ve been thinking recently about our connection with our creativity and how it links to our mental health, especially in my own work and how it has influenced me.  I’ve often thought that if I was one of the lucky ones that had never experienced anxious cycles or never knew what depression really meant, would…

  • You life better on Instagram – social media toxicity

    You life better on Instagram – social media toxicity

    In today’s world we have two lives, the one we live in reality and the one we live in virtually. In 2020 it was stated that the average social media user spent up to 3 hours per day on platforms such as Instagram, twitter and the newest social addiction sweeping the world, Tiktok. So what…

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  • The art of imperfection

    The art of imperfection

    If everyone wore a beige jumpsuit, or even a black one, seamlessly ironed and perfectly put together, everyday the same outfit would you want one too? Would you dare to wear something different or would you follow the rest? As much as we hate to admit it we would probably wear it, even if we…

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