Influences and inspiration

The aim of Baltazar’s work is to create a response from the audience, although each of her piece’s have specific meaning, she aims for the viewer to form their own introspective judgment of what it means to them and how it relates to their own experiences. Her work is heavily influenced by emotions, ambience and memories, by trying to recreate something that cannot be put in to words. Baltazar is of mixed decent and spent a lot of time in southern Portugal as a child, throughout her practice you can see colour and textures influenced by the beaches and rural landscapes.

Themes and process

” I usually use a combination of acrylic paint, sand and mixed mediums to create beautiful textures and cracking effects which is prevalent throughout my work. imperfection, emotion and balance are the main themes of my work. I usually practice through layering, I will paint  a piece to completion, and then paint another on top of that, and so on, until I feel the piece has fully matured in to an evolved version of itself. “

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