Dark space is the my newest collection of works, I have worked on this over the last few months without knowing I was creating it.

Dark spaces is my most raw set of paintings I have done. The purpose of these works was to express the emotions of battling with oneself and the journey to healing the past.

Instead of explaining in depth I have written a poem about the collection, which hopefully will correlate with the works and resonate with some.

I can’t find the door

The dark saw the light, and asked it to let her inside,
The light shook it’s head and closed the door with its pride.
The dark still came knocking now and again,
Begging the light for it be her friend.

The light began to worry that she would come back,
So the dark waited in the woods for the right moment to attack.
The light could feel her hiding in the coldness out there,
But it carried on glowing trying hard not care.

Then one day the light left the door open,
So the darkness slid in and the light became broken.
The light fought and it screamed and demanded that she leave,
The dark looked down and spoke ” my presence you’ve misconceived”
“I would leave right now, but I can’t find the door”.
The light became tired and fell to the floor.

As the months went by the light became weak,
The dark asked one more time if they could speak.
“Speak, go on, what do you want to say?”
The light screamed ” I want you to go away!”
“I’ll leave I promise, as soon as you see,
“That you have to open the door, it’s you that has the key.

The light looked at the dark to see what she was made of,
It was all the things the light was afraid of.
It stared and watched until it was no longer scared,
And it suddenly realised that the darkness actually cared.
The light held her hand and asked the dark to be it’s friend,
” What if we merge together and become a perfect blend.”

And there the light finally found the key,
And it opened the door so that they could both be free.


By Gabriella Ranito-Baltazar

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